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Dr. Lara Boyd describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want

Dr. Lara Boyd describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want

It’s clear the practices what makes brain changes. You can get fast changes, but those are chemical changes in your brain. What we want is structural changes that will help us throughout our entire lives. So that means chemical changes in our brain equals short-term learning; and structural brain changes equals long term learning.

Nothing is more effective than practice in learning and the bottom line according to Lara Boyd’s neuroscience is you have to do the work.

The funny thing is that the more you struggle and work hard during the practice, the faster it will make structural changes in the brain. So there is something to be said for working hard and thinking hard. At Total Learning Centers, we want students to work hard, but not to frustration.

As Boyd points out, there is no magic way of learning. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ or anything that works for all people at all ages. I love the programs we use at Total Learning Center and how the changes are based on a person’s responses to the practice. For example, Cogmed continually challenges you just beyond where you are comfortable. If it gets too hard, though, it makes it easier and brings it back to a more challenging level. That allows the practice to be at the right level to help you with brain structure changes.

Therefore, be very aware of what you do over and over again, because you are trained in your brain with all of your behavior. The new brain news on this is that Kip chemicals released in your brain help facilitate habituating habits.

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