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Articles from Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe Utay

Articles from Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe Utay

Northern Connection: A Visit with the Utays

Over the years, Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe Utay have contributed their own professional and parent-friendly research for the professional and parent community. Check out articles and research written by Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe, including articles from their column in Northern Connection magazine, “A Visit With the Utay’s.”

Reading Tips

July 2000: “Learning to Read” to “Reading to Learn”

December 2000: To Wait is To Risk: Reading Research

July 2005: Ways to Improve Reading Skills

June 2007:  Improve Reading with Local Resources

July 2007: 15 Ways to Turbo Boost Young Children’s Reading

September 2007: Early Signs of Later Reading Problems

October 2007: Why Invest In Your Childs Reading Success

November 2007:  Have to Reread What you Just Read? Have to Reread What you Just Read?

April 2008: But What is the CAUSE of the Reading Problem?

May 2008: Give Your Child a Reading Boost this Summer

December 2009: Study Shows Reading Comprehension Programs Don’t Work

April 2010: Reading Comprehension: Better when Reading Fast or Slow

Homework and Study Tips

September 2000: Advanced Homework Taming

October 2001:  Four Homework Tips: How to Tip Your Children’s Scale in the Direction of Learning

October 2002: Homework Problems? It Must Be Autumn

August 2004: Prevent Frustration: Create a Homework Plan Now

September 2004: Eight Questions to Ask Your Child About Their Homework

November 2006: Another Memory Key: “Teach Mnemonic Thinking”

January 2007: Another Memory Key: “Add Structure to Lists”

March 2007: Another Memory Key: “Once more with feeling!”

May 2007: Another Memory Key: “4 Ways to Combat Memory Interference”

April 2009: Parent to Parent: Winning the Homework Battle?

October 2009: When Your Child’s Homework Becomes YOUR Homework

General Academic Tips

June 2000: To Worry or Not to Worry, That is the Question (of the Month)

August 2000: Begin the School Year Right

November 2001: “Can’t Afford Tutoring” No Longer an Excuse

January 2002: Ready or Not, Here Comes My Child

March 2004: Help Your Child Succeed in School

June 2004: Care for a $500 Gift to be Used for Tutoring?

September 2005: Creating a Team with Your Child’s Teachers: 10 Great Questions to Ask Now

August 2006: Starting the School Year Right: 8 Powerful Tips

September 2006: Memory Key: First Learn, THEN Memorize

January 2008: $500 Grant Available for Expert Tutoring

February 2008: Why are my Child’s Grades Dropping?”

August 2008: Give Your Child’s Brain a Workout for School, Part 3

October  2008: Grade Already Slipping?

August 2009: Prepare for School Success

September 2009: Why Not Tutoring? How to Remove 4 Stumbling Blocks to Success.

June 2010: Grade Retention? Just Say No.

July 2010: Take Advantage of Brain-based Learning

November 2010: All it Takes is One Small Stone

December 2010: Steps to Helping Kids Frustrated with Math

January 2011: When Turning in Homework and Turning off TV is not Enough

March 2011: How to Handle First Final Fears

Advice on Summer Education

March 2001: Summer Education Planning: No, It’s Not Too Soon

May 2004:  How to Decide What Your Child Needs This Summer to Prepare for Fall

July 2004: Do Something Difficult this Summer

August 2007: “Sprint” this Summer for Success this Fall

June 2008: Give Your Child’s Brain a Workout this Summer, Part 1

July 2008: Give Your Child’s Brain a Workout this Summer, Part 2

March 2009: Parent to Parent: Is Summer School Worth it?

June 2009: Build up Your Child’s Brain this Summer So He Doesn’t Lose it this Fall

March 2010: Summer School Already?

February 2011: From Balancing on Ice to a Balanced Summer

About Anxiety

October 2000: Four Ways to Cope With Change

November 2000: Intelligence, Achievement, Self-esteem, Oh My!

August 2002: Minimizing Back-to-School Anxiety About Safety

About ADHD

December 2004: 10 Ways to Minimize Holiday Stress of High Energy Children

January 2009: Your Child Needs Better Attention

November 2009: Is it REALLY Attention Deficit Disorder?

February 2010: 10 Ways to Help Your Child Listen Better

May 2010: The “If” Approach to Picking a Method to Improve Attention

August 2010: Growing Up With ADHD: Cause for Worry?

September 2010: ADHD or Typical?

October 2010: ADHD: You are not Alone on the Road to Success

April 2011: 3 Ways to Significantly Help Children with Attention Issues

June 2011: What do Attention, Thinking, Planning, Memory and Follow-through have in Common?

Parenting Advice

May 2001: Two Effective Methods to Raise a Child’s Self-esteem

July 2001: Parenting Adolescents: Four Tips

September 2002: How to Develop Your Child’s Social Skills

December 2002: Teaching Generosity

February 2003: Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 2003: Parents and Homework: How much is too much help?

April 2004: Helping Shy Children Build Relationships

October 2004: Too Soon to Schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference?

November 2004: When Motivation Does Not Work

August 2005: Supplies and Skills: How parents can give their children these resources now

December 2007: Preparing for a Parent-Teacher Conference

March 2008: Help Your Pediatrician Help You

November 2008: Your Child’s Grades: Reacting to the Crash

December 2008: The 5 Best Ways to Improve Your Brain at Any Age

February 2009: Parent to Parent

May 2009: End School Frustration: Parent to Parent

July 2009: Hope, Commitment to Whatever it Takes

January 2010: Report Cards Offer Useful Weather Report

May 2011: Children’s Memory: Friends and Foes

Other Articles

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