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Helping Young Students Excel in the Classroom Post-Adversity

  By Sally Writes     Helping Young Students Excel in the Classroom Post-Adversity Adversity can manifest itself in countless ways. Stress, poverty, disability, exposure to substance abuse and neglect can make it increasingly difficult for a young student to develop all the necessary skills needed to excel both in the classroom as well as life in…
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Assume Positive Intent (API) – Insights from Dr. Joe Utay

By Dr. Joe Utay, Co-Founder, Director of Counseling & Evaluations   We almost never truly know the real intent of a person’s comment. A complement could really be an attempt to manipulate. An insult may have been meant as a joke. One invitation is friendly while another is an obligation. Even a gesture or facial…
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The Effects of Technological Changes on Education

  By David Webb, Guest Writer   The issue with technology is that it moves the humanity forward. Needless to say, this affects the field of education in more than several ways. First of all, it introduces the concept of learning aids and opens up the probability of online learning. Still, this is just the…
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8 Things That Will Motivate Students To Study Harder

  By Annabelle Fee, Guest Writer Annabelle is part of the Content and Community team at Smile Tutor, sharing valuable content with their own community and beyond.   Motivation is a topic that researchers have studied for many years; whether it’s how to motivate a dog to do tricks or how to motivate students to…
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Tips to Improve Performance Around Testing Time

Tips to Improve Performance Around Testing Time created by MacCormac College  

4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Happy This School Year

By Emily Graham, Guest Writer Photo Credit: Pexels   When the days get a little longer and the weather cools, it can only mean one thing: School is in session! A new school year can be a wonderful opportunity for students to get a fresh start, but it can also be filled with anxiety. Even…
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How Music Helps with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Music Therapy

  “If you were to look at those brains, you couldn’t tell the difference between people who were interacting through music and people who were interacting verbally.”  – Edward Roth     By Will Tottle, Guest Writer   Music has been with us for thousands of years as a form of entertainment, communication, celebration, and mourning. There…
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How Technology Can Enhance Your Child’s Learning Experience

By Sally Writes Nearly half of children aged eight and younger in the U.S. have their own tablet, and on average, American kids spend around two hours and 19 minutes daily using some form of electronic media. If you are worried about how much time your child is spending on their tablet, you can turn the issue…
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SAT Question Spotlight: Words in Context

  By JT Kordesich, Exam Preparation Director & Teacher

Emotional Intelligence: Why We Need to Teach It to Our Kids

  By Stepheny of FeedFond, Guest Writer   More often than enough we, as parents, tend to protect our kids from the complex and less pleasant subjects in life. We think that they are delicate and less sophisticated and therefore incompetent to grasp the emotional difficulties of their domain. But the reality, kids can absorb…
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