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Homework Survival Tips

Dealing with homework is a struggle students and parents face. As the school year moves towards the holidays, student focus lessens. Maintaining positive homework habits eliminate attention from slipping further at home. Accomplishing this daunting task can be made easier by following these homework tips. Creating a positive place to work Every student works differently,…
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Benefits of Mindfulness Practice for Students

  By Madison Smith, Blog Editor In today’s busy world, it’s easy to lose focus on the present. Lack of focus causes  all to miss out on different experiences in our lives. Staying present allows everyone to know themselves better; improving memory, lessening emotional outbursts, and learning how to deal with stress effectively and communicating…
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Sleep Impact on School Performance

By Krista Harper, Guest Writer One of the most important things our bodies do, is sleep. Having quality sleep is crucial for everyone, specifically children. Missing out on a proper sleep cycle effects cell regeneration along with physical and brain growth. The effects of sleep deficiency can build up gradually, becoming serious issues in the…
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How To Help Children Stay Active For Better Academic Performance

By Sally Writes, Guest Writer Only one in three children in the U.S. leads an active life every day, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Researchers have concluded that the number of children leading sedentary lives who risk becoming overweight or obese is on the rise. Lack of physical activity has…
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A Simple Guide for Creating Your Child’s Study Space

By Paige Mitchell, Guest Writer Getting homework done can be the bane of your child’s existence—and that’s not including the issue of not being able to easily find all the supplies needed to do their work, managing their emotions, and balancing their schedules and assignments. A small way to make homework easier, and more fun,…
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Home Distractions That Hinder Students’ Productivity

By Paige Mitchell, Guest Writer Photo from Unsplash   Everyone can benefit from a carved out space at home that’s dedicated to focus and concentration. Whether you’re a parent who wants to provide an A+ study zone for your child or if you, yourself, could use a more productive home office, here are five improvements…
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Cyberbullies: How Parents Can Prevent, Spot, and Stop Online Harassment

  By Emily Graham, Guest Writer As a parent, cyberbullying can seem like a foreign concept. When you were a kid, bullies were something you dealt with at school, not a threat that followed you around 24/7. However, now that the digital world is a central part of our lives, cyberbullying has become a major…
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Helping Young Students Excel in the Classroom Post-Adversity

  By Sally Writes     Helping Young Students Excel in the Classroom Post-Adversity Adversity can manifest itself in countless ways. Stress, poverty, disability, exposure to substance abuse and neglect can make it increasingly difficult for a young student to develop all the necessary skills needed to excel both in the classroom as well as life in…
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Assume Positive Intent (API) – Insights from Dr. Joe Utay

By Dr. Joe Utay, Co-Founder, Director of Counseling & Evaluations   We almost never truly know the real intent of a person’s comment. A complement could really be an attempt to manipulate. An insult may have been meant as a joke. One invitation is friendly while another is an obligation. Even a gesture or facial…
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The Effects of Technological Changes on Education

  By David Webb, Guest Writer   The issue with technology is that it moves the humanity forward. Needless to say, this affects the field of education in more than several ways. First of all, it introduces the concept of learning aids and opens up the probability of online learning. Still, this is just the…
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