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Articles from Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe Utay

Northern Connection: A Visit with the Utays Over the years, Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe Utay have contributed their own professional and parent-friendly research for the professional and parent community. Check out articles and research written by Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe, including articles from their column in Northern Connection magazine, “A Visit With the…
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3 Alternative Ways Students Can Boost Their Learning

3 Alternative Ways Students can Boost Their Learning As you help your child reach his or her full potential as a student, you are likely always searching for valuable educational strategies. Since learning involves the whole body it is important to look at this area from a holistic perspective. In addition to utilizing effective techniques for memorization, test…
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Teach your teen to make better choices, and eliminate stress while doing it.

  Photo Cred: Unsplash Teach your teen to make better choices, and eliminate stress while doing it Lindsay didn’t sit with me at lunch today. Will my boss understand I can’t work tonight because I have a major exam tomorrow? Must improve ACT score! Cory didn’t like my Instagram post last night. When is that…
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How Sleep Aids Learning

More than a third of Americans are under slept, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A minimum of 7 hours per night are recommended to avoid health problems such as obesity, heart disease and a range of mental disorders. If you are undertaking a learning program, then sleep is even more…
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Why Students Never Have to Lose Their Work Again

  Why Students Never Have to Lose Their Work Again Losing work due to a faulty hard drive or misplaced documents can cost a student dearly. It’s time to consider cloud storage and here is why. By Sally Writes sally@diamondmail.net One of the most important components of a scholarship is maintaining good grades. This is only possible…
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Creative Ways to Ax Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal, and usually temporary, part of growing up. But, for many adolescents, experiencing multiple changes at once can have a profound negative effect on their self-image, confidence, and ability to adapt. By NOAH SMITH noah_smith@wellnessvoyager.com Wellnessvoyager.com Anxiety is a normal, and usually temporary, part of growing up. But, for many adolescents, experiencing…
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Dr. Lara Boyd describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want

 It’s clear the practices what makes brain changes. You can get fast changes, but those are chemical changes in your brain. What we want is structural changes that will help us throughout our entire lives. So that means chemical changes in our brain equals short-term learning; and structural brain changes equals long term learning.…
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Your Child’s Executive Functioning

  An untapped source of better grades G. Reid Lyon wrote in his book, Attention, Memory, and Executive Function, “Attention, memory, and executive function play a central role in thinking, problem solving, and other complex symbolic activities involved in oral language, reading, writing, mathematics, and social behavior.” That covers a lot of your kid’s waking…
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Celebrating Employee Dedication to the Gift of Learning

To celebrate their 10 or more years of service at Total Learning Centers, Dr. Carol Utay awarded three unsuspecting employees with a three-day all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Cancun. These employees also received paid time off and up to $750 for airfare and travel expenses. Each member of the team was presented with a…
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New Year, Lower Grades?

Alternatives to a Sink-or-Swim Attitude “Does my children’s schoolwork just look a lot harder than when I was in the same grades or did I just (mercifully) forget how hard it really was? The first half of the year was okay but now they’re both beginning to slip.” Schools definitely expect much more from students…
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