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Sleep – The Key to Success

By Sally Writes, Guest Blogger Circadian Rhythms A Key To Exam Success With challenging exams such as the SAT are looming ahead, often there is much focus on the concepts of time management, study techniques, and practice tests but one thing you definitely should prioritize is a good night’s sleep. Various studies have been carried out on…
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Summer Success: Physical Activity and Brain Performance

By Total Learning Centers   Yes, we all know physical activity is important but did you know if was important for improving attention, focus, concentration, and even mood. Our goal is to increase activity, and the summer months naturally draw more people outside to move more, which is good for both mental and physical health.…
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“What Grows Up, Must Lie Down”

The importance and impact of sleep on our youngest snoozers. Sleep is essential. The more research that is conducted on the concept of sleep, the more it becomes clear that we need it in ample amounts in order to be our very best. As adults, we seem to inherently know that sleep is a necessity…
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Parent Tips for Stress-Free Homework Help

Photo Credit: Pixabay By Emily Graham Helping your children with their homework presents two major challenges. First, kids will be kids, and many would rather play or do pretty much anything else other than their homework. The next problem is the complexity of “new math” and other modes of learning that differ from the way…
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How To Be A Better Learner – Infographic

Developing study skills is a great way for your student to gain confidence in their test-taking skills and in themselves. Included below is a checklist on how to become a better learner. This infographic includes tips for more effective study skills based on research that has found that the key to becoming an effective student…
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Honing Memory To Boost Academic Performance

By Sally Writes   Research shows that around 10% of students may have working memory problems. This can be a stumbling block to academic success because the working memory is required for everything from reading comprehension tasks to spelling and mathematics. If your child quickly forgets what they have just read or tends to get distracted,…
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Evaluating Your Child’s Attention

“How bad is bad?” What’s the big deal about attention? Focusing, shifting, and dividing attention is constantly needed throughout the day. If it’s not a problem for you it will be hard to empathize with a child that struggles with it. If it focused attention does not come naturally, it is often extremely frustrating. The…
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Mindful Feeling

As I nervously waited for the oral surgeon to start extracting my lower 2nd molar, I decided which podcast would most distract me from the experience. After achieving a state of plenty-numbed, I started listening to NPR’s TED Radio Hour (a synthesis of TED talks on one topic, in this case “Happiness”). I felt a…
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Over 1500 School Shootings- Discussion Points

At Total Learning Centers (TLC) today we had an all-school assembly to talk about the shooting last week in Florida.   Students are, of course, upset about the news. This is normal. My daughter was just starting high school when the first school shooting occurred. She remembers being anxious at school and wants the students at Total…
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