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Your Child’s Executive Functioning

An untapped source of better grades G. Reid Lyon wrote in his book, Attention, Memory,...   Read More

New Year, Lower Grades?

Alternatives to a Sink-or-Swim Attitude “Does my children’s schoolwork just look a lot harder than...   Read More

Clean, Neat, and Organized

5 ways to turn this new year’s resolution into reality You wake up tomorrow morning...   Read More

20 More Ways to Help Children with Attention

Focusing, shifting, and dividing attention is constantly needed throughout the day. As education and psychology...   Read More

What’s a Parent to Do? Tips on Helping Children with Attention Problems

If Ogden Nash was right that, “Parents were invented to make children happy by giving...   Read More

11 ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading

Encouraging A Life-Long Love of Reading in the Process Research is crystal clear: Do not...   Read More

New Information from Pennsylvania Department of Education

“How do parents plan when the rules keep changing?”  A simple question with a complicated...   Read More

4 Tips to Beating the Homework Blues

“The year has barely started and we’re already fighting about homework. Discussing it calmly doesn’t...   Read More

Begin the School Year Right!

“We really want the school year to be more successful for our kids than last...   Read More

Not Too Late to Do Something Difficult This Summer

 Invite your children to visit Possibility Land   “My kids always take the easy way...   Read More

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