Social Skills

Your Child’s Executive Functioning

An untapped source of better grades G. Reid Lyon wrote in his book, Attention, Memory,...   Read More

What’s a Parent to Do? Tips on Helping Children with Attention Problems

If Ogden Nash was right that, “Parents were invented to make children happy by giving...   Read More

Kids and Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?

According to new research out of the University of California, Los Angeles, kids are spending...   Read More

Build a Better Brain with Play!

New studies have shown that when it comes to brain development, play time is crucial!...   Read More

Minimizing School Anxiety About Safety

“Mommy, will they hurt students at MY school?” This is a question we received this...   Read More

ABOARD’s Autism Connection of PA 2013 Fall Conference

Dr. Carol Utay, Executive Director of Total Learning Centers, was honored to speak at ABOARD’s...   Read More

Your Child’s Behavior: What to Expect and When to be Concerned

When children throw temper tantrums, and get easily frustrated, many parents question  if they are...   Read More

Assume Positive Intent (API) by Dr. Joe Utay

We almost never truly know the real intent of a person’s comment. A complement could...   Read More

Walk 4 Friendship!

Looking to honor a special friendship? The Friendship Circle recognizes that being part of an...   Read More

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