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Does Homework Really Affect Grades?

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Does Homework Really Affect Grades?

Is homework affecting grades? According to neuropsychologist Dr. Dana Luck a student with an executive functioning disorder will have a tough time in school. They often seem disorganized. Homework, books, even personal items make it home some and not other nights. Even more frustrating is the nights they get all homework home but don’t get it back to school and turned in at the right time to the right class. That is often extremely difficult for the student with executive functioning issues.

Long term projects – those projects that are not due for three or four weeks can be the biggest challenges. Often just deciding on a topic seems like a huge stumbling block to the student. Once their topic is chosen, establishing a time frame to get all the pieces taken care of and actually completing them within the right time frame can be overwhelming.

Often students with executive functioning disorders have difficulties with all aspects of timing, figuring out how long something might take, getting starting, and following through in the right order. Initiation or just getting started can be a part of the problem. Part of the reason students have difficulty with initiation is they do not know where to start. Teachers and parents can view this as lazy and procrastination rather than a challenge with managing time. These tasks however seem so overwhelming and unmanageable students don’t even know where to begin.

When students find ordinary tasks take great effort it takes a toll on them. They can become irritable, hyperactive, forgetful, and fatigued. They learn to give up before they begin.

As homework is almost always a hot subject, students with executive functioning disorder should learn that setting up the homework is just as important as doing the work. Ten minutes in planning is time well invested to make it go more smoothly.


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