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Don’t Let Your Child Become a Statistic…. TLC’s SAT Prep Pittsburgh Program

Helping students achieve school success

Don’t Let Your Child Become a Statistic…. TLC’s SAT Prep Pittsburgh Program

Total Learning Center’s students see an average improvement of 100 points on the SAT compared with 15-40 points typical of other programs.

Reported September 24, 2012, by the Associated Press via WPXI, “Average national scores on two of the three sections of the SAT college entrance exam edged down for the high school class of 2012 …… The “College Board,” the non-profit membership organization of schools and colleges that owns the exam, said its annual SAT report (Monday) that 43-percent of test-takers met a benchmark score indicating a 65 percent likelihood they can achieve a B-minus average during the first year of college …… The figure was unchanged from a year ago.”

Don’t let your child become one of the 43-percent statistics.  Here is why more students have increased points’ improvement on the SAT with Total Learning Centers versus other prep programs.

·         Assess for Success

o   TLC takes the time to first determine the exact strengths and weaknesses of your child. We look at your child as an individual, not a class attendee.

·         Pinpoint Problems

o   TLC then efficiently targets areas in which he or she is in most need of strengthening. Not every child is the same, nor should his or her learning strategies.

·         Individualized Learning

o   TLC has caring teachers certified in Math and English who customize learning to help your high school student make the best progress possible. You child will learn how to best take the SAT in addition to what is on the test.

·         Reliable Failsafe

o   TLC offers additional hours of tutoring to improve a specific area that may need extra work. We also have special sessions available to help work with test anxiety issues.

To find out more about this program and TLC- go to www.totallearningcenters.com

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