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Dyslexia and Our Success Stories

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What is Dyslexia and What Works

Dyslexia is a Learning Difference, not a Disability

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1. What is dyslexia?

2. Does my child really have dyslexia?

3. What does Total Learning Centers do to help?

4. What can you do at home to help your child?

5. Parents and students talk about their learning success with dyslexia.

6. Total Learning Centers “World of Reading”

“Remember, dyslexia does not have to be a “dis-ability.” It makes no sense to blame a person for being unable to put a nail in the wall when you hand him a screwdriver. Having helped thousands of kids with dyslexia, I bet most could figure out a way to hammer in that nail even when the only tool give to them is a screwdriver. But, it wouldn’t be efficient. And, while they’re figuring it out, their peers with hammers have already moved on to the next assignment. Help for kids with dyslexia is all about giving them the right tools.” – Dr. Carol Utay

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