Evaluations/Testing in 2 Steps

Step 1:

TLC evaluations/testing pinpoint exactly where your child struggles in the learning process. The detailed test results lead to “best practice” programs individualized to your child’s unique needs.

Step 2:

After testing, we provide the evaluation results to you during a in-person conference. Our reports and consultations are targeted to improve learning, attention, motivation/behavior, and academic success.

TLC offers two testing options to match your needs. Use our guidelines below to decide which test is right for you:

TLC Testing Evaluation Checklist

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Academic & Executive Functioning Evaluation

 Includes in-person meeting, FREE yearly retests through 11th grade, and easy to understand graphs.

These tests identify unique learning styles and academic achievement levels. Reading, math, listening skills, memory, attention, focus, processing, and more are assessed. Our evaluations rely on current research findings published by the National Institute of Health and Human Services (NIH). They specify the “best-practice guidelines” for diagnosis and intervention for students with learning, executive functioning, and attention challenges. Testing is recommended yearly to prevent problems, monitor progress and aid in planning. Retests at TLC through 11th grade are FREE!

Full Pscho-Educational Evaluation

Includes all testing, diagnosis (if appropriate), meeting and a written report.

Need a diagnosis, such as: dyslexia, learning disabilities, gifted, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, etc.? Or, do you need a report for your school?

The Full Intellectual, Academic, Executive Functioning Evaluation consists of intelligence testing (IQ), academic evaluation (reading, writing, and math), and executive functioning (memory, attention, focus, and processing.) Includes an in-person conference, a written report, and when appropriate, a diagnosis.

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