History of TLC

Step into Total Learning Centers where you will see an active, open learning environment that is welcoming and family friendly.  We believe that each child has unique gifts and talents; therefore, Total Learning Centers develops a personalized instructional program based on each student’s initial and ongoing evaluation results. Our instructional programs are cutting-edge, research-proven, learning strategies that enhance each student’s ability to perform in their school, home and community environments.

Prepare Today for Success Tomorrow

Founded in 1999, by Drs. Joe and Carol Utay, TLC “Prepares Students Today for Success Tomorrow” through direct, intensive, research-based methods to ensure significant gains in reading, writing, math, attention, processing, working memory and more. Working with students from age 5 through college in the Western Pennsylvania area, our variety of services help children reach their educational potential through school support, expert tutoring or remediation.

Our experienced and distinguished staff and educators live and breathe by our on-going mission: to help caring parents minimize their child’s frustration and maximize their potential by removing obstacles to learning.  We work with the students in a positive, caring environment to provide instruction targeted to their specific needs. At TLC, we believe every student can travel as far as their passion takes them.

Timeline of TLC’s History

  • Oct 1999: first student
  • Jan 2000: added Speech/Language Therapy
  • March 2000: added Fast ForWord Program
  • August 2002: added programs to improve memory, attention and processing issues
  • March 2005: created Empathy in Education Series: Attention Issues
  • June 2005: opened Fox Chapel Area TLC
  • June 2005: accepted to Powerlink
  • Sept 2005: created “Empathy in Education Series: Dysgraphia”

Athena Award

  • March 2006: invited to join CEO consortium – Owners of cutting-edge learning centers
  • May 2006: prestigious Athena Award for Community Service
  • June 2006: Com Doc Technology Award
  • June 2006: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article Highlighting TLC Success
  • July 2006: opened Murrysville Area TLC
  • Dec 2006: broke ground for Murrysville Center expansion
  • Dec 2006: invited to join Powerlink’s prestigious CEO Circle
  • 2006: Athena Award
  • January 2007: Published 1st in the Empathy in Education Series: The Attention Simulation
  • February 2007: Pittsburgh Magazine article on Total Learning Centers success
  • March 2007: asked to serve as advisor to AHEADD
  • April 2007: broke ground for Fox Chapel Area expansion
  • June 2007: 1st SPRINT student
  • August 2007: new Fox Chapel Area Location opens
  • January 2008: opened South Hills Area TLC2010 Communicator Award small
  • February 2010: invited to present about Total Learning Centers Successful Programs to the Office of Special Education in at the Department of Education, Washington, DC
  • 2010: Advisory Committee for proposed charter school for students with dyslexia
  • 2010: Board Member Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
  • 2010: Athena Award for Community Service
  • 2010: Mental Health Association of Westmoreland County – Innovations in Education Award
  • 2010: won Women’s Small Business Association award for Best Women Business Owner, Pittsburgh
  • 2010: IABC awarded Pittsburgh Business Communicator of the Year
  • 2011: Chair of Education Law Center Host Committee
  • 2011: Inspired Woman Award
  • 2011: Pittsburgh Business Times Diamond Award Winner
  • 2011: Dr. Tom Baker Community Leader Award
  • November 2012: Invited to join ABOARD’s Autism Connection Advisory Board
  • 2012: Nominated for Strong Girls Strong Women Award
  • 2014: Updated Cognitive Education Program
  • 2014: Advisory Board – Child Care Lounge
  • 2014: Stress Buster Program
  • 2015: PA Representative Hal English visited TLC students
  • 2015: PA Representative Jim Christiana visited TLC students
  • 2015: Best Tutoring Award, Cranberry Eagle
  • 2015: Partnered with Wilson Christian Academy
  • 2015: First Annual Fall Festival
  • 2015: Total Learning Prep Opened
  • 2016: became certified to offer Credit Recovery coursework
  • 2016: TLC students presented at International Dyslexia Association (IDA)
  • 2016: updated Cognitive Education Program
  • 2016: World of Learning Programs Updated
  • 2016: invited to participate in national high school grant
  • 2016: invited to join national LRNG-Remake Learning
  • 2016: Consultancy Elite Award Winner
  • 2016: School Choice Leadership Award
  • March 2016: TLC student wins national Poetry contest
  • April 2016: TLC wins national Poetry contest
  • January 2017: Student wins poetry contest!

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