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TLC helps frustrated parents with their discouraged kids! Our friendly professional staff moves children from where they are to where they CAN be in the most cost and time efficient ways possible. How? We pinpoint barriers to learning, then remove them!

  • World of Learning
  • SAT/ACT Prep
  • Tutoring and Homework Coaching
  • Total Learning Academy
  • Total Learning Prep
  • 2018 Summer Programs

World of Learning

World of Learning is s set of programs using systematic teaching methods to deliver multi-sensory activities and ensure skill mastery for each student.

World of Learning includes World of Reading, World of Writing, World of Math, & World of Executive Functioning.

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Total Learning Centers was voted as the Best SAT Prep in Pittsburgh by Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Choice audience and students. Critical for college admissions, the SAT and ACT can be daunting exams to prepare for, which is why TLC breaks down your child’s previous scores to pinpoint their exact needs. On average, our SAT student experience an improvement of 100 points!

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Tutoring and Homework Coaching

Does your child struggle in school? Does doing homework lead to arguments?

We have the best tutoring in Pittsburgh with programs tailored to your child’s needs in an open environment meticulously designed to help your child succeed.

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Total Learning Academy

A specialized program, Total Learning Academy provides intensive remediation and then successfully transitions students back to their school.  TLA’s staff collaborates with each child’s team to create the best plan for success.

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Total Learning Prep

One of TLC’s day programs, Total Learning Prep is designed for college – bound students who may need an extra boost to prepare them for the next stage of their education. Using an individualized approach, Total Learning Prep is for students who thrive in a smaller group setting with individualized attention.

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2018 Summer Programs

We have a variety of summer education options for students, including intensive reading remediation, math remediation, SAT prep, executive functioning development, study skills training, credit recovery and anything else your child needs to be a successful student.

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