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Tutoring and Homework Coaching

Tutoring at TLC

Does your child struggle in school? Does doing homework lead to arguments?

We have the best tutoring in Pittsburgh with programs tailored to your child’s needs in an open environment meticulously designed to help your child succeed. Using testing and evaluation results, we offer homework support and tutoring based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Our friendly, talented tutors love helping others realize their full potential.

With both one-on-one and small group tutoring options, we offer support in a variety of subjects including reading, writing, math, and science for students in preschool through college.  Watch as your student’s self-esteem rises as skills improve while learning study and homework strategies through personalized, multi-sensory, research-proven tutoring methods.

Homework Coaching

What is TLC’s Homework Coaching?
When should my child use a TLC Homework Coach?
What if the problem is not study-skills?
What is my child’s REAL problem, if not study skills?
What is TLC’s Homework Coaching?

The goal of Homework Coaching is to teach your child to become a successful student by learning to plan assignments, organize materials, manage time effectively and complete their homework. Motivation then increases naturally with consistent academic success.

When should my child use a TLC Homework Coach?

Use a TLC Homework Coach when you or your child is frustrated with homework due to problems with assignment planning and organizing or other study skills including test-taking strategies and homework monitoring.

Parents are very happy with TLC because we significantly reduce frustration while keeping students moving in the right direction preparing today for success tomorrow.

What if the problem is not study-skills?

If your child needs help in a specific academic area, then that must be dealt with first. For example, no amount of help with how to study for a history test will help a student who first needs to work on improving reading fluency (accuracy plus speed) or reading comprehension.

What is my child’s REAL problem, if not study skills?

Not sure if your child’s REAL problem is an underlying issue such as reading, attention, or memory rather than “simply” study skills? We can help make that determination through TLC’s child-friendly evaluation process.

Let us know what you need, and we can help. Not sure what you need? We have helped MANY frustrated parents answer that question too!

Test Anxiety Counseling

Does your child find test-taking anxiety-inducing? Do their scores not reflect their true potential? Developed by Dr. Joe Utay, our expert staff can help anyone significantly reduce their testing anxiety in as little as 4 one-hour sessions.

Not sure if we offer support on a specific subject?  Contact us!

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