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Quick Tip to Prevent PTSD

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Quick Tip to Prevent PTSD

Right now everyone’s amygdalas are activated- the part of our brains that records dangerous situations as “this is something to fear in the future to avoid harm.” The problem is this is NOT something to fear. So, to counter the that part of your brain’s desire to be very fearful in the future when something similar arises, even just the memory of this event, activate your prefrontal cortex. It is your ally right now! Get involved in a creative intellectual rational logical project or conversations having nothing to do with this event. When you do talk about it stick with the facts, the reality of the current situation, not “that was terrible” or “OMG what might happen next?” In other words stick with the reality of the present, not dwelling on the fear-based past or future. Hope this helps you. 

Dr. Joe Utay
Total Learning Centers

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