110 VIP Drive, Wexford, PA 15090


“Total Learning Center not only helped me improve on my SAT scores, they also helped me adapt to better problem solving and reading strategies in and out of the classroom. I attend TLC in the summer as I could’ve decided not to attend 2 days a week, but I was really lenient on improving my SAT scores so I gave it a try and it was one of the best decisions I made. The tutors are very encouraging and they really do connect with the students well.  The main 2 tutors I had, Brad for math, and Ryan for reading, definitely helped me achieve these goals that I can later on apply in college and in the real world. I strongly recommend anyone who is considering or likes the one on one learning atmosphere to attend this learning center for they have and contain many awards such as Nickelodeon’s best young adults and young children learning institution. Hope you like it and I really do mean what I say in this testimonial.”

Joey T.

“My best advice for parents is not to struggle with a child alone. I didn’t know Total Learning Centers offered the range of services that it does or else I would have taken my son, Jonathan, much sooner. When I first brought Jonathan to Total Learning Centers in 2003, I just wanted to help prepare him for the SAT. I had seen ads in a local magazine for TLC and walked past the building in the plaza many times, but had never stopped to ask about services. I’m so glad that I ended up stopping in and talking to Dr. Carol about the programs, because we signed up for more than one program. Thank you TLC for all that you do!”

Paula S.

“He received straight A’s on his report card because of TLC. He is more aware of language and is more careful when he tackles the tricky phrasing in problems. Most importantly to me, he enjoys reading.”

Ruth and Steve B.

“A great place to come to learn, and I would recommend this school for any student who is struggling to learn.”
Ethan M.


“Wonderful experience with Total Learning Centers. My son has a form of dyslexia and we were concerned with him doing well on the SAT’s Evidence based-reading and writing portion. After following the instruction, and pointers provided by JT, a tutor at Total Learning Centers, my son’s reading & writing SAT score improved by 90 points! He has since been accepted into his choice college!”

Jill P.

“Our son began his journey at the day school of the Total Learning Academy at TLC in 2011. TLA was able to help our Son calm from PTSD due to past school experiences and loss of education due to improper instruction and inappropriate supports. The TLA staff embraced our son with so much needed care and support, which gave him the opportunity to learn again. He began his instruction in a separate room initially, and since then, with the help of TLA’s Cognitive Executive Functioning class, he learned how to attend to his teacher’s instruction, while in the main classroom. Not long after that, he was able to be taught and thrive in a small group setting with his peers in the main classroom. Nothing short of amazing! Our son has made a full school year’s progress with each passing year since 2011. We could not more highly recommend TLA. Everyone there truly cares about each student, and they invest so much of themselves each day, to the care and attention that their students need to make true progress in every way, educationally, developmentally, socially and so much more. We truly could not be more grateful, for our experience there has been life changing for us all.”

Lisa A.

“This place is amazing and awesome! It teaches children how to grow into successful adults. Can’t say enough!”

Rachel L.

“The positive impact and lifelong skills that Total Learning Centers has imparted on my children is invaluable.”

Stuart W.