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SAT and ACT Exam Prep

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The SAT and ACT are critical for college admission. TLC understands this so our program provides an individualized approach based on your child’s needs. If your child has already attempted the ACT, SAT, or PSAT, our knowledgeable staff can analyze the results to pinpoint exact needs.

We offer great packages that offer both one-on-one tutoring in the center as well as access to a new, effective, multimedia and individualized computer program. Students that have completed the program individually designed for them have been on average able to raise their SAT scores by at least 100 points, and have been able to achieve their goal scores with our systems compared to 15-40 points typical of other programs (Wall Street Journal, 2009).  More recently, NBC News reported to only expect 10-20 points improvement! We are confident that we can help your child find SAT/ACT the same success!

If your child is preparing for the first time, we offer a free practice SAT the first Saturday of every month at 11 AM.

Why Choose TLC?

Total Learning Centers offers flexible and affordable SAT/ACT packages that include a comprehensive and effective service to your child as they prepare for these important tests. Students will cover all areas of the SAT (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing) or the ACT (Reading, English, Math, Science, and Writing) as well as understanding test format, test-taking tips, study skills, and methods to reduce test anxiety.  Additional time may be added to your child’s specific needs.

Call us today to hear more about our packages, and to schedule your child’s first session today! We’re excited to start working with your child to help them reach their goal scores!

The SAT & College Acceptance – Notes from Dr. Carol

“We are so proud to announce that one of our SAT Prep students was just invited to her dream school, Yale. I have been evaluating college acceptance at Ivy League schools and what makes the difference to acceptance. 2018/2019 is the lowest acceptance rate of applicants in recent memory. Harvard only accepted approximately 5% of students applying. 


Schools have stopped requiring the optional writing sections of the SAT and ACT. Cornell, Penn, and Harvard have all invited applicants to send SAT or ACT scores with or without writing sections.

It makes student’s “well rounded” resume even more important. Call us today to talk about how TLC can help you get into the school of your choice.”  – Dr. Carol Utay

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