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Success with Keyboarding

Helping students achieve school success

Total Learning Centers offers a highly successful and popular way to teach keyboarding, allowing all students to take advantage of exciting technological learning opportunities. By using the TLC program Success With Keyboarding™,students of all ages can learn to touch type in only two weeks.


How Does Success With Keyboarding™ Work?
Success With Keyboarding™ uses any word processing program and any computer, Alpha-Smart, typewriter, or even a non-working keyboard. Remember, this is a curriculum, not a software package!

  • Keyboard – taught from A to Z and always returning to the “home row”
  • Memorization Techniques: 
    • The keys of the “home row” are covered with moleskin and stickers are placed on the top and bottom rows
    • Repeat the correct sequence, out loud, three times
    • Spaced repetition – morning, afternoon, and evening
    • No “delete” key – it interferes with memory!
    • Kinesthetic feedback for short- and long-term memory and structure
  • Multi-sensory Instruction:
    • Sight – watching the monitor
    • Sound – Repeating the sequence of key strikes out loud
    • Touch – Feeling the moleskin covers on the “home row” keys
  • Study Skills Employed:
    •Blocks of information presented in “bite-size” pieces
    • Repetition
    • Mnemonics
    • Anticipation of what is to come
  • Time on Task:
    • Quick introduction to new lessons
    • Active learning through hands-on, repetitive exercises
    • Fast pace holds interest and facilitates natural learning
  • Teacher Directed Lessons:
    • Homework lessons are assigned and collected regularly
    • Continual review of lessons and assignments
    • As letter sequences are mastered, new letters and sequences are introduced
    • 20-30 minute lessons easily hold attention

For more information, visit www.fastkeyboarding.com.


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