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Top 5 Ways to Improve Brain Health

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Brain Health

June BlogDear Drs. Utay,

In the middle of 5 weeks of Cogmed I can already see a big boost in my memory. I was skeptical, but now that I see it is possible, even at my age, to improve the efficiency of the brain. I’m wondering what else I can to do to enhance my children’s, as well as my mother’s brains’ day-to-day effectiveness.

Sincerely, Enjoying my Improved Brain and Wanting More

Dear Enjoying and Wanting More,

It IS possible to significantly develop the brain power of not just children and young adults, but also those middle-aged and even seniors who want to regain and further develop their memory and other brain functions. These habits grow new brain cells and connections and reconnect older disconnected brain pathways:

1. Push Your Brain:  Having stimulating thoughts and conversations is not enough. As you’ve personally discovered, computer-based brain-developing programs like Cogmed, by not letting you get away mental slacking, can make your memory years younger and stronger in just 5 weeks.

2. Get Enough Sleep:  Sleep gives your brain a chance to heal and grow through properly storing, integrating and making sense out of what was learned and experienced during the day. Getting enough sleep decelerates the death of brain cells.

3. Exercise:  Doing practically ANY form of exercise enhances all aspects of mental, and physical, health.

4. Eat Just Enough:  Not over or under eating keeps brain arteries loose leading to increased mental power.

5. Minimize Sugar:  Less sugar enhances absorption of protein and other nutrients causing better nutrition, thus improving brain effectiveness.

6. Learn, then Practice Mindfulness:  Relaxed yet focused nonjudgmental awareness leads to measurable positive changes in the way the brain.

Do those five ways to improve brain health look familiar? Of course! Everyone knows sleep and exercise are good and too much sugar is bad for our bodies. What we often need reminding is that they are vital for BRAIN health as well. The 5 “ways” are actually daily lifelong habits – or they should be. Cogmed though is only 5 weeks long, so we really encourage everyone with a brain-body to check it out! Cogmed is one more way to prepare today for success tomorrow.

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