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What does Total Learning Centers do to help?

The good news: There are many life-long positives associated with dyslexia as long as the dyslexia is remediated.

Most children can and do learn to read using either traditional or nontraditional approaches. Children with dyslexia MUST have a nontraditional teaching method to first learn to read then read to learn.

The National Reading Panel searched for the best programs for students with dyslexia based on solid scientific research. Their number one recommendation is the Orton-Gillingham approach, which recognizes that reading requires learning several skills and then integrating them together.

We used to think that good readers read mostly by context and didn’t necessarily read every word. MRIs and other testing showed that good readers read every letter but they do it quickly and efficiently. That is the goal for all students – to be able to read quickly and efficiently.

Struggling readers especially need explicit and systematic instruction in both phonemic awareness and phonics. Children who don’t easily make the associations between letters and sounds often benefit from a multi-sensory approach to teaching — one that uses all the senses — auditory, visual, and kinesthetic/tactile.


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