World of Writing

World of Writing

Improving each student’s writing challenges by building on their strengths.

We all know writing skills are crucial not only for success in school but in future careers as well.  As a World of Learning program, World of Writing improves each student’s individual challenges in writing through multisensory, systematic teaching strategies.

Starting with basic skills and working towards higher-level skills, our World of Writing ensures mastery of each level before moving on to the next skill. The result of this instruction is students becoming competent and confident in sentence structure, grammar concepts, maintaining a journal, as well as creative story telling.

Instruction in how to write a research paper is also available. Many students have adequate writing skills but are overwhelmed with the organization required of a long-term assignment. Students learn step-by-step strategies and organization to be able to complete a research paper effectively. In addition to this one-on-one instruction, we also offer a two-week summer workshop for High School students of all levels.

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